What We Do

What We Do

Bishop Warden is a specialist debt solutions company providing businesses with an alternative option to traditional debt collection agencies.


Selling, or assigning, a debt to a debt purchaser provides a ‘cleaner’ and simpler alternative to other, more traditional debt recovery options, such as managing debt collection in-house, contracting with an external debt collection agency, or initiating your own legal proceedings with a lawyer.


For the business owner and financial controller, the benefits of assigning a debt, rather than transferring it to an external agency for collection include:

  • No set-up fees and charges
  • No legal fees up front
  • Improving balance sheets by enabling the debt to be moved off the books.
  • Providing businesses with ‘access to justice’ that might otherwise not be available because of the expense of engaging lawyers.
  • Protection for their brand in not having debt collection activities linked to them directly; and
  • Reducing stress from pursuing debts and being witnesses in Court


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Innovative debt solutions for New Zealand businesses dealing with bad debt.

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