Our Process

Our Process



In the case of a personal debt, we would seek to bankrupt the individual, if full payment is not made or an acceptable settlement reached.


Before we can commit to purchasing your debt, we first complete a process of validation. It is important to provide full disclosure of all details pertinent to the debt.


Our validation process involves:

  • A comprehensive legal assessment to determine the status of the debt.
  • Identification of the nature and scope of any associated contracts.
  • Undertaking a process of due diligence on all associated parties.
  • Identifying a legal strategy for collection.
  • Following a satisfactory conclusion to the processes outlined above we will then present a contract for signature and arrange for an immediate electronic transfer of an agreed amount to your account.


Deed of Assignment
Deed of Agreement
Statutory Demand
Statement of Claim (if disputed)
Summary Judgement

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